Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our Square Foot Garden

This is our second year of having a Square Foot Garden. I have always wanted to have a vegetable garden and have tried many times without much success. We live in Georgia and we have the classic Georgia red clay.

The Square Foot Garden did well last year, so we expanded the garden this year. We just started harvesting the cool weather crops this week.

Here you see part of our crop of English peas. We still have to pick from one of our larger beds (4' x 8'). We will definitely be shelling peas this weekend. We should be able to put quite a bit in the freezer.

The picture below shows some spring onions and lettuce. The lettuce is so tender. Its amazing how much better everything is when it is grown at home. Freshness definitely makes a difference!

We still have potatoes growing and more lettuce and onions. We planted over 30 tomato plants and about 10 pepper plants (a mixture of hot peppers and sweet bell peppers). I also just planted green beans this week, but they are not up yet. Once we finish picking all of the peas, we will take them out and plant more green beans, squash and cucumbers in those beds.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Macular Degenerates

Here is a look at what a few of the eye surgeons I work for do in their spare time. Love the name!

Click on the video to see full screen:

This video was shot at a fundraiser for blindness.

Great job guys!