Friday, August 28, 2009

This Week's Shopping Trips

I found some really good deals this week.

Picture #1 is from my Kroger shopping trip. I did two separate transactions. Transaction #1 was 5 boxes of Nature Valley granola bars and 5 boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks. I had paper coupons for all items, and 4 e-coupons came out, then the $5 Mega Event credit. I paid $10.31 OOP including tax and received $7 in catalinas to use on future shopping trip.

Tranactions #2 at Kroger was for 21 items. After coupons, e-coupons, Mega Event credit and my $7 in catalinas, I paid $2.92 OOP including tax! So, at Kroger, I spend a total of $13.23 OOP for 31 items! Yay!

The second picture is my Publix trip. I spent a total of about $8 OOP--can't find my receipt!

I also made a trip to Aldi's for mostly produce and milk/eggs.

I increased by grocery budget to $200 for the last two weeks. I only spent about $150, so that is what I am budgeting for the next two weeks. I have started Weight Watchers, so I am allowing myself to spend more on groceries--extra produce and special low cal snack items.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Moda Bake Shop

I just spent too much time this morning looking at all the great projects at the Moda Bake Shop. I just started working on this great Grocery Bag Dispenser. It looks so cute and it is a really quick project. I think I will be making a few of these for gifts.

Here is a look at my fabrics:

I will post an update when I finish the bag, but, right now, I have to stop run some errands...

Meantime, check out some of the other great projects over at the Moda Bake Shop like these:

Binder Cover

Tote Bag
Drawstring Beach Bag
Christmas Stockings
Fabric Lamp Shade (LOVE this!)

Plus lots more! Have fun!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 8/17/09

I have decided to increase my food budget quite a bit right now. I just don't seem to be able to tolerate too much couponing--need a little break. We are also going to be trying to eat a little healthier. More fruit and veggies. Having said that, I really don't have a grocery trip planned, but I will likely stop at Aldi's at some point to get milk and pick up produce. If you have an Aldi's near you, I highly recommend trying it. Great prices without coupons and the produce always seems to be great. Our Aldi's has milk for $1.49 a gallon right now and large eggs for $0.69!

Here is my "loose" plan for the week:

bagels/cream cheese
granola bars

jello with fruit
carrot sticks

Beef roast in crock pot, veggies, slaw
Chicken Stew, rice, veggie
Fettuccine Alfredo, salad
Vegetable soup (using leftover roast-made in crockpot), cornbread., fruit
Hamburger steak, homemade mac and cheese, steamed veggie
BBQ ribs, mashed potatos, fried okra (free from sister's garden)

Have a great week!

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

One Month to Live

My church, Harvest Point, is in a series entitled "One Month to Live". What would you do differently if you knew you only had thirty days left. How would you live, love, work, give, sacrifice...

To hear the first two weeks in the series you can download the podcast at iTunes (search for HP Sermons) or HERE. The first week is available now and the second should be downloaded later today or tomorrow

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Random Thoughts

Today my family went to the movies. The big movie this weekend was G. I. Joe. My hubby "has been waiting 40 years" for this movie. Both kids wanted to see it as well. I am usually all in for the action/sci fi/adventure movies, but I am in a mood right now. This mood was not suited for such a fun movie.

We parted ways at the theater and I went, instead, to see Julie & Julia. I had seen the trailers, and I thought it looked cute. And since I have a blog that made it even more interesting. I didn't know that the movie would fit my mood so well. I don't know...I am introspective right now. The movie makes me think more about this blog. I don't have any real direction. I post about my shopping trips, family, craft projects, and pretty much any random subject. I think that this is okay, but it was not the original reason for the blog. I was to post about my stitching and quilting. I still do, on occasion, but work interferes with those projects, so I don't have much to post about...

Work. That is another subject. I recently took a 7 week leave of absence. Did I miss work? No. Do I mind being back at work? No. What does that mean? I feel numb when it comes to my job. I love some of the people I work with. I truly care about the people I work for. But, I don't feel appreciated by them and I am not inspired. Worst of all, I spend a minimum of two hours a day commuting.

At church, we are in a series entitled "One Month to Live". If you knew you only had thirty days to live, what would you do differently? How would you live, love, sacrifice, give, work? Every day we are e-mailed devotionals. These devotionals are how I am spending my quiet time everyday. I know this is the source of my mood.

It is interesting that Julie seems to go along with my mood. She seemed to be looking for a purpose. Looking to be inspired. The devotional today was about the parable of the talents. Matthew 25. Read and studied it many times. But, the perspective from my pastor was different in the devotional that I have thought about before. Basically he said playing it safe is wrong. We need to take some risks--let go and trust God.

Am I playing it safe? At work? In relationships? With this blog?

Or, am I being over dramatic?! ;-)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Tea Time

Today I am linking up to Julia over at Hooked On Houses for her weekly "Hooked On Fridays" round-up.

A few months back, one of the anesthesiologists I work with brought in a bunch different types of teas to share. He frequently goes to Big Lots and buys any teas he thinks would be interesting. He is a real advocate for drinking tea for its health benefits.

I loved this St. Dalfour Organic Lemon Tea. To sweeten it a little the doctor gave me some Agave nectar. Agave Nectar is very good for you and it a sweetener with a low glycemic index. It has a very light taste and the combination with tea is delicious.

Well, if you have ever shopped at Big Lots you know that if you see something you better buy all you want because the next time you look for the item they will be gone. I traveled around to at least 4 Big Lots in my general area and had no luck finding any more of this tea. Finally, I did an internet search and found that I could buy both the St. Dalfour tea and Agave Nectar on Amazon. I have been "hooked on" having a cup of tea every day--even though it is summer. I fix my tea and have a Bible devotional time. Very relaxing!

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Monday, August 3, 2009

A Walk by the Lake

My husband and I have been trying to get more exercise. We have been walking quite a bit lately in our neighborhood. One recent evening we drove to a nearby church that has a small lake and walking trails. It was quite lovely and a nice change of scenery from our usual walk.

I could get used to this.....

Publix Shopping Trip 8/3/09

I have not been deal shopping in quite some time. We have been using up a lot of stockpile in our pantry and freezer. I have been to the grocery store, but only to buy exactly what I needed and only for items that you can not get with coupons (milk, flour, bread, produce, etc.). My husband was given a $25 Publix gift card at the end of the school year, and we literally have not been to Publix all summer. But, the deals were good this week and I had some good coupons, so, I stopped today on the way home from work.

I got all of the items pictured above in four transactions for a total OOP of $5.06 (after spending the $25 gift card)!

Here is the tally of items:

12 packages of Mueller's pasta ($0.31 ea)
8 boxes of Cheerios ($1- 1.49 ea)
2 bxs of Nature Valley bars ($1.75 ea)
2 Dole fruit gels ($0.67 ea)
4 large bottles of Kraft BBQ sauce (FREE-coupons on Shells and Cheese)
8 bx Velvetta Shells and Cheese ($0.50-$1 only had coupons for 4)
2 bxs Fruit Snacks ($0.80 ea)
4 bxs Pop Tarts ($0.60 ea)
4 six packs of Publix Spring water ($0.01 ea)
1 can Muir Glen tomato paste ($0.09)

Total retail of over $110.00!

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