Friday, March 12, 2010

Financial Peace University-Free Lesson

If you have been curious about Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University, you can sign up HERE to take a free lesson of Financial Peace University. The free lessons will be held the week of April 5th - 12th.

I highly recommend Financial Peace University and Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover.
We have been following Dave's teachings since 2007 and have paid off almost all of our debt and have substantial savings. Go HERE to read more about our story.

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Heather Ozee said...

My husband read Total Money Makeover and are lives were changed forever. We spent that next 9 months paying off our debts totaling 24,ooo. And we paid it off while paying for day care too! We now are working on paying our home off. I can truly say that while being debt free is a great reward and awesome example to set for your kids... to me the best benefit was that once we(hubby and me) were on the same page with finances our marriage got 1,000 times better. We've never gotten along this well... and we share goals and understanding of current financial limits.