Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back to College

I spent Monday, August 13, helping my son, Tommy, move back into the dorm at Georgia Tech. It was exciting yet a little sad at the same time. It was great to see my son so excited about his new dorm. He is sharing an apartment on campus with three other students. North Avenue Apartments were the facilities used to house the athletes during the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. They are really nice and each of the boys has their own bedroom. They have a full kitchen and living areas as well. Tommy gets to enjoy a week of Band Camp and then back to classes next Monday.

Here I have pictures of the quilts I made for Tommy and his best friend, Rhys. I made these last year as graduation gifts for the boys. Anyone from Georgia will notice that the best friends decided to attend rival schools! Yellow Jackets vs. Bulldogs! They still remain friends! Tommy's quilt has begun to show the wear and tear you would expect from being used everyday by a college student. I think there will be another Ga. Tech quilt for me to make in the somewhat near future. That's okay--my favorite quilt shop has recently gotten some new Georgia Tech fabric!


Sewcatherine said...

hey lisa, love the college quilts! you mentioned your favorite quilt shop...which one is it?!

Lisa Brooks said...

Hi Catherine,
The quilt shop nearest me that carries the college fabric is called A Scarlet Thread. New, small, but cool. Today, I'm headed to my other favorite shop which is Intown Quilters--I know you must go to that shop. They are having an anniversary sale today and tomorrow--maybe I will see you there!