Sunday, August 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 8/17/09

I have decided to increase my food budget quite a bit right now. I just don't seem to be able to tolerate too much couponing--need a little break. We are also going to be trying to eat a little healthier. More fruit and veggies. Having said that, I really don't have a grocery trip planned, but I will likely stop at Aldi's at some point to get milk and pick up produce. If you have an Aldi's near you, I highly recommend trying it. Great prices without coupons and the produce always seems to be great. Our Aldi's has milk for $1.49 a gallon right now and large eggs for $0.69!

Here is my "loose" plan for the week:

bagels/cream cheese
granola bars

jello with fruit
carrot sticks

Beef roast in crock pot, veggies, slaw
Chicken Stew, rice, veggie
Fettuccine Alfredo, salad
Vegetable soup (using leftover roast-made in crockpot), cornbread., fruit
Hamburger steak, homemade mac and cheese, steamed veggie
BBQ ribs, mashed potatos, fried okra (free from sister's garden)

Have a great week!

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Jessie Geroux said...

oh yum I would love to hear how you fry your okra :-)

Erica Brooks said...

Nice menu. I haven't had beef roast in a while. I may have to add it to next weeks menu :) Have a great week.

Melissa said...

Yum! I love fettucine Alfredo! Aldi's sounds great, but we don't have them in this area.

darnold23 said...

Hope to see you at Crock Pot Wednesdays on this week. Thanks for posting. Debbie

Shirley said...

I hardly remember "planning" menus. I suppose I did when I had people to cook for, now I just wing it. Oh, that's right, I have to sort of plan for Crockpot Wednesdays ; ))

shopannies said...

I love roast in the crockpot

darnold23 said...

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. It's been a difficult week due to the death of our neighbor. I sincerely appreciate your post and hope to see you here again next week. I am anxious to give your recipe a try. Thanks again. Crock Pot Wednesday