Saturday, August 8, 2009

Random Thoughts

Today my family went to the movies. The big movie this weekend was G. I. Joe. My hubby "has been waiting 40 years" for this movie. Both kids wanted to see it as well. I am usually all in for the action/sci fi/adventure movies, but I am in a mood right now. This mood was not suited for such a fun movie.

We parted ways at the theater and I went, instead, to see Julie & Julia. I had seen the trailers, and I thought it looked cute. And since I have a blog that made it even more interesting. I didn't know that the movie would fit my mood so well. I don't know...I am introspective right now. The movie makes me think more about this blog. I don't have any real direction. I post about my shopping trips, family, craft projects, and pretty much any random subject. I think that this is okay, but it was not the original reason for the blog. I was to post about my stitching and quilting. I still do, on occasion, but work interferes with those projects, so I don't have much to post about...

Work. That is another subject. I recently took a 7 week leave of absence. Did I miss work? No. Do I mind being back at work? No. What does that mean? I feel numb when it comes to my job. I love some of the people I work with. I truly care about the people I work for. But, I don't feel appreciated by them and I am not inspired. Worst of all, I spend a minimum of two hours a day commuting.

At church, we are in a series entitled "One Month to Live". If you knew you only had thirty days to live, what would you do differently? How would you live, love, sacrifice, give, work? Every day we are e-mailed devotionals. These devotionals are how I am spending my quiet time everyday. I know this is the source of my mood.

It is interesting that Julie seems to go along with my mood. She seemed to be looking for a purpose. Looking to be inspired. The devotional today was about the parable of the talents. Matthew 25. Read and studied it many times. But, the perspective from my pastor was different in the devotional that I have thought about before. Basically he said playing it safe is wrong. We need to take some risks--let go and trust God.

Am I playing it safe? At work? In relationships? With this blog?

Or, am I being over dramatic?! ;-)


Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Wow, what an awesome experience! I wish our church would do something like that. Sounds intense.


Janet said...

I really want to see that movie. Sometimes I feel I play it safe with my blogs or what I give them isn't enough. I think that getting uninspired is easy to do in our lives. We have so many things that require our attention and energy that it's easy to not have any energy left for the things that truly do inspire us. And sometimes we have to go through those periods of deep introspection that can be so difficult to go through to find the joy in the things that are truly inspiring. I hope that at the end of your study that you will find a clearer direction and greater inspiration.

cookiesandmilk said...

I watched this movie today too. I planned on posting about it. Honestly the movie left me feeling upbeat and grateful. Maybe a little wistful about what could be. Right now I want to do what I'm doing but this movie gave me hope that later with some hard work and dedication I can do whatever I set my heart to. (probably not writing or cooking)