Sunday, April 12, 2015

Design Wall

For my birthday, I ask for a design wall.  My sweet husband, Tom,  built one for me.  Here is where I wanted my design wall to be placed:

After looking at several tutorials online, we went to Lowe's and got our materials.  Several sites recommended using the 8' x 4' sheets of insulation foam.  We liked that, but they just wouldn't fit in our vehicle.  We got these packs of foam sheets instead:

These sheets are 1' x 4'.

The wall could only accommodate a board that was 7' tall, so Tom had to trim a foot off of some of the foam sheets.

Our plan was to assemble the sheets into one larger sheet, wrap them in batting and then hang the entire board on the wall using Command Strips.

My husband attached the foam sheets together using white duct tape.

As you can see, we have already spread the batting that we will wrap the board in on the floor.

After taping the sheets together on the front side, Tom then turned the assembled foam board over and taped the intersections of the foam pieces on the back side.

Ready to be wrapped!

We sprayed the batting with 505 Spray and Fix  and then wrapped the foam board.

Once we finished wrapping the batting around the board, we attached the command strips.

Here is a picture of the assembled and hung design wall!  It wouldn't be a bad idea to be a little wider, but I love it.  Do you wonder how the Command Strips will do on holding the design wall up??  Well, my birthday was December 1st.  I am posting this on April 12 and the wall is still in place.  Yay!

Do you have a design wall?  What is on yours?  


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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

thought I would come by to see your design wall - I don't know if the command strips will hold your wall up - no experience with that - we used the big blue insulation boards, wrapped them in flannel used duck tape on the back and then used screws to screw the boards to the wall, then put a wood frame around the flannel wrapped boards to hope that it will help keep the flannel from scagging - so far it has worked - we did the whole back wall in the room like this as it is only about 9 feet wide - we didn't do one foot of the wall as there were shelves on one end.