Saturday, January 16, 2010

Super Savings Saturday-Pantry Challenge Version

Well, this was the second week of our Eating from the Pantry Challenge. Last week we failed the challenge, but it was a difficult week due to a family medical emergency. We ended up having to eat out several times that week.

We did a little better this week. We haven't stuck completely to the meal plan, but we did pretty well. I did to to the grocery store four times. My goal was to only go once-per-week, but I went to Kroger to get the deals once and then went again yesterday because I didn't get my dinner plan together early enough so I grabbed a rotisserie chicken and built a meal around that. I also made a trip to Aldi's for produce and to Wal-mart for mostly non-food items that I had high dolloar coupons for and I didn't want them to expire (Electrosol, Snuggle, All, Heinz ketchup and Healthy Choice).

Overall, we are still doing well with the January grocery budget and I am counting $64 leftover in my grocery envelope for the last two weeks. My budget starts again today and I put another $100 in the envelope for the next two weeks. I hope to have a little more leftover at the end of the month.

Here are my shopping trips from this week:


I spent a total of $10.43 at Kroger. My total before coupons was about $43. My free items were the Healthy Choice entrees, Halls, Gatorade and Greek yogurt. (Sorry for the multiple pictures!)


My Aldi's trip was for the great deals on their produce. Unfortunately, they were out of the $0.99 pineapples and pears. My favorite deal was the Clancy's Peanut butter filled pretzels for $0.50/bag! I spent a total of $21.66 at Aldi's.

I also spent $12 at Kroger yesterday for a salad mix, Rotisserie chicken, soda and a chocolate bar. Not a good deal--that's what happens when you don't stick to the meal plan!

My Wal-mart trip was $24 out of pocket. Before coupons was $42. I didn't get a picture of that trip.

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Have a great week!


Tracey said...

Great job! I'm actually enjoying the Eat from the Pantry challenge. It's helping me plan ahead and make the most of my grocery dollars.

Nora said...

Did you already try the honey yogurt? What do you think? And what happened to you link :(

Homeschooling Resources said...

I LOVE this type of shopping. I don't currently live where they double coupons much at all but used to do it all the time and save over half the bill each time.

Loved this post:)
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