Sunday, October 5, 2008

Target 10/5

I went to Target after church this morning to try and find Electrasol at a good price. My 5 $2.25 coupons were expiring today. Kroger has the 20 ct box for $4.09 this week, but I thought I could do better on price. The Wal-mart closest to church has the same box for $4.30 something...they are dreaming. That price is way more than another local Wal-mart ($3.67). I was thrilled to find Target had the 20 ct box for $2.79!

Here is the transaction:

5 boxes Electrasol 20ct $2.79 ea
...-5 $2.25 MQ ($0.54 ea)
1 Muir Glen tomato paste $1.09
...$1 MQ ($0.09)
1 bag Ziplock sandwich bags $1 (at checkout)
...$0.50 Ziplock Target Q

Total before taxes $3.29!
Total OOP after taxes $4.33!

Yea, me!!


Nora said...

Yeah! I used mine at Walmart 3.67

Kim said...

I found that the Electrasol/Finish tablets had gone up in price just in the last week. When I used my coupons last week, I paid about 1.40 oop after the 2.25 coupon. They were over $4.00 yesterday! I noticed that alot of the Walmart prices had increased.