Sunday, October 12, 2008

Total Money Makeover Live Event!

We went to The Total Money Makeover Live Event in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday. In the picture above is me and my hubby, Tom (left) and friends from church, George and Suzanne (right). We had a great time of fun, fellowship and learning. We all came back with renewed energy about obtaining Financial Peace!

Our pastor would like to get a Financial Peace University class started at our church by February. We are all very excited to be involved with the class, but we have a lot to learn and a lot of preparation ahead of us. It will be such a blessing to bring this practical information not only to our church, but also as an outreach ministry to the surrounding community. There are a lot of frightened people out there right now.

Click HERE to view one part of a Financial Peace University class, and HERE to find a class near you!

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Nora said...

Yeah, can't wait to hear all the details. :)