Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wal-mart 5/22/09 and My Coupon Rant

I really only needed a few grocery items and produce this week, but I wanted to make a run to Walmart to grab some of the free and great deals listed on Money Saving Mom's Walmart post. I ended up doing really good, but, once again, had to deal with the "coupon Nazis" at the check-out. Recently at Walmart it has been getting harder to go through the lines without having to wait 10 minutes for the cashier to find someone else to help her decide if my coupons are legitimate.

I wish I could say I waited without complaint, but I did not. I assured the cashier that none of my coupons were fraudulent. I explained that I work very hard to find the deals and coupons to match. While she waited on someone else to take my coupons to an undisclosed location, she showed me "the book" with copies of fraudulent coupons. I said, "Yes, but none of those are the coupons I have."

I explained that I have written to the home office and complained, and that one of the Assistant Managers from her store has called to personally apologize for my unpleasant experiences at her store. I also informed her that I would be writing again, so get ready be called into her manager's office.

The Assistant Manager told me it was a training and education issue. He explained that fraudulent coupons are easy to spot if the cashier is properly trained. I am sure that there is high turnover of cashiers and that by the time some are adequately trained, they quit or get fired. Still, it is very inconvenient and frustrating for the customer.

Anyhoo! I did get to use my coupons. Two more knowledgeable cashiers came over to explain to my cashier how to look and see that my coupons were valid.

So my total before coupons was $46.15. After coupons $24.25! Yay!

One of the neatest things I got was the travel first aid kit for $0.97 and I had $1 off coupons. So, I got two for free plus $0.03 overage. These will be great to fit in my purse. I never seem to have band-aids when I am out or at an event. And, since I am a nurse, everyone thinks I, of all people should have those supplies!

Thanks for listening to my "coupon rant"!

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Lisa said...

Gotta love Walmart! This happens to me usually 1 out of every 5 times.

Jen said...

I've never had a problem with using coupons at my Wal-Mart. Sorry to hear they gave you a tough time, but congrats on the great deals!!

Hunie said...

I go through that with Target and Walmart. I try to avoid both stars whenever I can and just stick with the grocery stores and CVS.

Claudia's Irish Eyes said...

I agree with you about the coupon problems, it's a pain dealing with a cashier who isn't trained correctly or is just crabby. You found some great deals, don't you love it !

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm the only one that doesn't encounter the "Coupon Nazi" I have just about boycotted walmart because of this issue. I don't like a company attempting to treat me like a criminal while I'm spending my hard earned money.