Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kroger Mega Sale 8/2/08

Super Savings Saturday

Sometimes you have to have flexibility in your grocery budget. A new month has just started so my goal was to spend $400 for August--the same as July. Well, two opportunities have come up. First, my sister who owns a farm in central Georgia let me know of an opportunity to purchase a whole hog. The price for a 200 lb hog is $210.00 processed. We planned ahead for that and I thought we still might get by with the remaining $190 for the month. That was until I went to Kroger today and saw organic chicken marked down. Breast $1.19/lb, thighs $0.59/lb, drumsticks $0.79/lb! Rather than miss the opportunity, I gave myself permission to go over budget on groceries for August.
It was really an easy decision. I knew we were very low on meat in the freezer, and I had actually prayed for good deals this week to replenish our freezer. God certainly answered my prayers! I stopped right there in the meat department and said a prayer of thanksgiving! I bought 19 packages of organic chicken--mostly skinless boneless breasts, about 6 packages of thighs and two packages of drumsticks. In addition to the organic chicken, I got Hormel ham, chicken wings, and Tyson breaded tenders. By having flexibility in this months grocery budget, I will be able to spend far less for the next several months!

My original reason for going to Kroger was to get in on the Mega Event. I still did this and got other awesome deals. My total savings was 73%! I paid only $85.39 for all of these groceries. I praised God all the way home!


April said...

wow awesome! I need to plug in my deep freezer!

Janet said...

Now that is an awesome Kroger shop. Nicely done! What a great deal on the organic chicken. Thanks for stopping by my blog.