Friday, August 8, 2008

Wal-mart Shopping 8/8/8

I stopped at Wal-mart just to run in and get some Huggies wipes and the newest All You magazine. I ended up getting a few other items--big surprise! I actually clipped coupons right out of the magazine in the grocery aisle. Here is a breakdown of the transaction:

All You Magazine x2 $1.77 each
Kool-aid x 9 $0.20 each
Kraft dressing--free wyb 3 Kraft items (kool-aid) coupon in All You
Kraft mac & cheese x 6 ($0.50 each)
Blueberry Mini Wheats-- $2.92--$1 coupon from All You (rebate form on box for free)
Oscar Mayer beef franks--free wyb 3 Kraft items (kool-aid x 3) coupon in All You
Huggies Clean Team wipes x2--$3/2 coupon from 7/20 insert making them $0.14 each
Kraft American singles--free wyb 3 Kraft items (kool-aid) coupon in All You
Wheat Thins--free wyb 3 Kraft items (mac & cheese)--coupon in All You
Crystal Light--free wyb 3 Kraft items (mac & cheese)--coupon in All You

My total before coupons: $28.04

Total after coupons: $10.54 and I will send in the rebate for cereal ($2.92 back)

Be sure to pick up the All You magazine. It has some great articles and recipes, as well as a lot more coupons.


Sonshine said...

Great job!!

I gotta get me one of those magazines!! I don't have a Walmart close enough to me though!!

Proverbs30one said...

I did the same thing with the All You Magazine. I actually had to buy a pair of cheap scissors in the school supply aisle! Great job on the deals!

Gina said...

GREAT Job! I am planning my run today after CVS. Thanks!

Sonshine said...

Thanks for the offer!! I found the magazine's website so if I decide to get a subscription I can get it from there! :)

Thanks for stopping by!!! :)

Justine said...

This month's ALL YOU is great. I get a subscription, but ended up grabbing a second copy. There is a good deal I found for a 2 year subbie on my blog.

Mama Koala said...

Impressive. I need to get my grocery bills looking like yours!

Under the Florida Sun said...

Great job! I need to do the Kool-aid thing. I forgot all about that.

I have some cranky cashiers at my Walmart, so I need to make sure I catch the right one. Some of them like it when I come because they don't know about this stuff.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice commnet.

April said...

Dang it all the Walmarts in my areas Clean teams are $2.24 a pack :( you are lucky!