Sunday, August 10, 2008

Menu Plan Monday- August 11

Saturday we made a trip to Dublin, GA to visit my sister, Ann, and her husband, Thomas. (More on this trip in a later post--with pictures.) They own a large farm. We went to pick up a whole hog that they got for us. Before we left, they loaded us up with eggplant, figs, and tomatoes from their garden. I have another sister, Carla, who lives in a rental house on Ann & Thomas' land. Carla sent us home with 7 dozen eggs from her chickens. Needless to say, the menus this week are using meat from our over-stuffed freezer and other items from our trip.

BBQ pork ribs
Oven fries
Watermelon (Also from Carla)

Eggplant Parmesean (trying new recipe)
sliced tomatoes
carrot sticks

Orange juice

Chicken and rice

green peas
sliced tomatoes
Watermelon (if any left)

Homemade pizza


Be sure to visit I'm an Organizing Junkie for more menu ideas!

Have a great week!


Melanie said...

Good menu. I love Eggplant Parmesan, but dh is allergic. Hope you enjoy your week.


Emily said...

Great menu! You'll have to let us know about the eggplant parm recipe. I love eggplant esp. grilled. Just wanted to let you know I'm giving away coupons on my blog so stop by and comment if you are interested.

Feel free to let others know about it too!

Alan said...

Hi Lisa,

I stumbled onto your blog while trying to look up your and Tom's number. I needed to check in with you guys and see how you are doing.

I read about Tom's appendicitis, I hope he is doing well and enjoying teaching.

Your sewing is awesome. Looks like a great hobby turned business. Are you still working with the eye surgery clinic?

My life has changed a little since we last spoke. I got married in October of 06 and in November of 07
Julia and I celebrated the birth of our beautiful little girl Gabrielle. She's awesome and growing way too fast. If you don't mind shoot me your email and I'll send you a few pictures.

We're really thrilled to have her with us. She looks a little too much like her daddy but I'm hoping she'll grow out of that and look more like her Mom.

Please tell Tom I said hello and I'll give you guys a call in the next day or two.

Take care,