Monday, February 16, 2009

Aldis 2/16/09

I just got back in town after a four day trip with my daughter's school orchestra and band. Hubby and I ran out this morning to get a few items from the home improvement store, and since we were out of milk, I stopped at the nearby Aldi's store.

Here is what I got:

2 gallons milk $2.29 ea
1 bunch bananas $0.90
Tangarines $1.99
Navel Oranges $1.99
Pineapple $1.99
Sweet onions $0.99
Lemons $1.69
1 can milk $0.69
Wheat bread $1.19
5 lb. flour $1.69

Total OOP $18.05

This trip will be all I make this week. I am still trying to stay around $10-$15/week for the next several weeks as I am in the middle of my 6-week Pantry Challenge. Overall, we have done well. It may have not been the best month to try this challenge since I was out-of-town for several days--the guys just felt they needed some junk food over the weekend and spend about $15.

Here are the totals for the last few weeks:

Week 1 $6.73
Week 2 $15.xx and then the guy's $15.xx so $30 total
Week 3 $18.05

Not bad, but we still have lots of food in pantry, so I may actually extend this challenge for another 6 weeks. We sill see how it goes....

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Have a great week!

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Michelle H. said...

I've been doing a similar pantry challenge. The end of January I decided to try going 2 weeks making meals out of the pantry/freezer - it's now been almost a month and I'm still not seeing much of a dent in our stockpile!

Michelle H.