Friday, July 17, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip 7/17/09

Last Sunday I started coming down with some kind of "flu". I literally haven't been out of bed very much this week. I tried to get up and do some tasks, but it wasn't very long before I had to go back to bed. Cough, fever, fatigue, body aches, GI upset--the works!

I actually started feeling better yesterday, and, by today, I am almost normal. Needless to say, I have been going a little stir crazy. I hate being non-productive, but I know sometimes you have to slow down. We really didn't have to have anything from the store, but since I had not been able to be out for so long, we decided to go do some deal shopping.

First, we went to get some lunch. We had coupons for free items at two nearby fast food restaurants. Shane's Rib Shack--free BBQ sandwich with the purchase of medium drink, and KFC--the infamous Grilled Chicken Meal Deal. While my hubby got the BBQ, I ran into Kroger to see if they had the Amp deal I read about on Southern Savers and Money Saving Mom. They had very few Amps, but, they had peelie coupons for $1 off each can! I grabbed some coupons and headed back out. (Total spent for lunch for me, hubby and daughter-$1.59)

After eating, we headed to CVS to try and make a photo book--no luck. We kept getting booted off the system. After that, we went to another Kroger and we were able to do three transactions of 10 Amps and ended up with 30 free Amps and $30 in Kroger gift cards! Yay!

We also made a stop at Target. I wasn't able to get all the deals that I read about, but we did get some good items. We did the Kelloggs Fuel for School promotion. I also got cheap Kleenex, Edy's ice cream ($0.19 ea), and I made money on the Electrasol. My Target was out of the special 32 ct. for $3.49 so they substituted the 20 ct for $1.87. I bought 2 and used my $2.50 coupons and got the overage! We spent a total of $16.93 and I will get $10 back from Kellogg.

Overall, a great trip!

Total OOP $18.68

Got back:

Rebate expected from Kellogg-- $10

Kroger gift card for future use-- $30

I actually made money shopping! Can't beat that! When I got home and showed everything to my son, he said "Mom, you're robbing them blind!"

How was your week?

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Tracey said...

Great job on the shopping - and a cheap lunch you didn't have to prepare!!

The Leonards in Atlanta said...

"Mom, you're robbing them blind!"
lol...that's cute...the cashiers make us feel that way sometimes...great trip..

Anonymous said...

My daughter always asks, "Mom, are you sure that's legal?" lol Glad you're feeling better!