Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kroger 11/16

I went to Kroger for some regular "non-coupon" items. I found a few good deals and my e-coupons and cell-fire Qs helped a little.

1 Cottonelle $0.99
...- $0.50 MQ
...- $0.50 cellfire Q (FREE)
2 gallons milk $3.28 ea
1 lb bananas $0.58
1.66 lb pears $1.66
2 1 lb bags mini carrots $1 ea (sign said $0.79 ea)
...- went to customer service and told them about error got both FREE!)
1 bag onions $2.49
...- $1 fresh veg Kroger Q ($1.49)
1 2-pk duracell batteries $1
...- $1 Kroger
...- $0.50 e-saver Q (FREE + overage)
5 packages of markdown ground chuck
... $2.62, $2.43, $2.50, $2.82. $2.87
2 loaves Kroger bread mark down $0.59 ea
1 pkg Kroger honey ham lunch meat $3
...-$0.45 Kroger Q
1 64 oz. OJ $2.99
2 Pert Plus Dandruff shampoo $2 ea
...- $2 MQ
...-$2 Kroger Q (FREE)
2 Herbal Essence products (shampoo & conditioner) $2.49 ea
...- $2/2 MQ
...- $2/2 e-saver Q P&G
1 French's Worcestershire sauce $1.49
...- Free Worcestershire sauce Q *(FREE)
1 56 oz. Private Selection ice cream $3.33
...- Free 56 oz. PS ice cream Q (FREE)

Total OOP $36.51 44% savings. Pretty good for so much meat and produce.

This total goes over my weekly budget of $35 by $1.61. Combined that with my CVS trip this morning and I am over budget by $10.80. I may still make a trip to Walgreens for the cheese deal that Money Saving Mom posted about HERE. She has compared that price to the lowest she has found at Aldis and says it is a good time to stock up. I need cheese for making homemade macaroni and cheese for Thanksgiving. Sometimes, you just have to bend the budget a bit.

So total spent this month so far for groceries and household products is $115.80. Still on track to be well below my lowest month of the year which was about $330. I have budgeted $40 for next week.

Check out Money Saving Mom and see Super Savings Saturday.


Nora said...

i still don't get the kroger coupons in my mailbox. think i'll call them tomorrow.

Lorrie Briggs said...

If you have an Aldi's near by they have some really great deals on produce this week.