Monday, November 10, 2008

Making Your Home A Haven-Tidy

Monica over at The Homespun Heart is sponsoring Making Your Home a Haven this week. I wasn't sure about joining in since I work so much outside the home, but I decided I would participate as much as possible. I love the idea of this challenge because it will help hold me accountable and be a little more productive after work. Many times I am so exhausted that it is all I can do just to get the family fed and get to bed!

Here are some before and after pictures of a few small areas that I was able to tidy after work today. (I left work early because my daughter's school called--she has a sore throat and nausea--now I think I am getting sick, too!)

I also spent a few minutes sewing a costume for our upcoming Return to Bethlehem event at church. I have a goal to cut out and make one more villager costume this week.

Now I am off to make a cup of lemon tea, and spend a few moments reading Philippians Chapter 4 and praying.

See you tomorrow!


Sherry said...

Glad you decided to participate!! I agree it definitely helps keep you accountable! :D Thank you for sharing your pics, too! :D Your two areas that you tidied up look great! :D

thehomespunheart said...

Great job on hitting your clutter spots! I hope you are feeling better!!