Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kroger Mega Sale 11/8

Well, after being inspired by a few great deals that I saw on Money Saving Mom's Kroger/Dillons post, I had to make another trip to Kroger. I did two transactions. I spent a total of $$17.11. That makes me over my goal of $35/week by $8.52. I will take that off my next week's budget of $35, so I will start the week with $26.48 to spend. Overall, $43.52 for the week isn't bad, but I really wanted to meet the challenge of $35/week for the first three weeks of November. I am going to try to not overspend next week--which starts tomorrow. Here is what I got today:

(I have listed the price of the item after the $5 off Mega Sale)

Transaction 1

4 Viva paper towels $1.50 ea
...- 2 $1/2 printable Qs (I just realized there is a better Q from the 10/12 insert!)
1 Betty Crocker boxed potatos $1
...- $0.80 MQ ($0.20)
2 Betty Crocker muffin mix $2.00 ea
...- $0.90 MQ ($1.10ea)
2 Land o Lakes butter $2.00
...- 2 $0.55 printable Qs ($1.45 ea)
1 Cottonelle toilet paper $0.99
...- 1 $0.50 MQ
...- 1 $0.50 e-coupon (FREE)
1 Betty Crocker cookie mix $1.50
...- $0.75 printable Q ($0.75)

Total OOP $9.95 68% savings

Transaction 2

2 Betty Crocker muffin mixes $2 ea
...- 2 $0.90 printable Q ($1.10 ea)
2 Domino 5# sugar $2 ea
...- 2 $60 printable Q ($1.40 ea)
2 Travel lint rollers $0.50 ea
...- 2 $1 MQ (overage $0.50 ea)
2 Scotch sponges $0.50 ea
...- $1/2 MQ (FREE)
2 Deer Park 3L waters $0.50 ea
...- $1/2 MQ (FREE)
1 Kroger Parmesean cheese $2.49 (daughter has to have for spaghetti!)

Total OOP $7.16 Savings 72%

The Kroger I went to was out of Carnation Milk and I got the last two Deer Park waters. I would have gotten 2 more waters and 4 Carnation Milks--Oh well....

Be sure to check out other great deals at Money Saving Mom Super Saving Saturday and Kroger/Dillon Mix and Match posts.


Katie said...

Great job!!! Oh how I wish my store took IPs!

Nora said...

Pretty good. I went again today because of more deals I saw on MSM too. :) I'm only gonna post the free stuff I got. It will be up in a bit.

Katie said...

Hi! Me again! I'm going to have a Mr. Linky up for the Sweet Swap!

I hope you do come back for it! :)