Monday, November 3, 2008

Publix 11/3

As I mentioned in my Menu Plan Monday, I have set a goal to spend $35/week for the next few weeks on groceries. I made a trip to Publix tonight to get a few of the deals. Specifically, I went to get the Idahoan potato deal (read about coupons HERE), so I could donate all of those to the food pantry at church. Here is my transaction:

20 Idahoan potato pouches $0.64 and $0.65 ea
....- 20 $0.75 MQ ($0.10 overage on each)
4 Steamers veggies $0.89 ea
...- 4 $1 MQ ($0.11 overage on ea)
4 Uncle Ben's rice $0.79 and $80 ea
....- 2 $1/2 MQ ($0.30 ea)
2 Ziploc bags $1.50 ea
...- $1/2 MQ ($1 ea)
2 Hillshire Farms Honey Ham $3 ea
....- 2 $1 MQ ($2 ea)
1 Publix Milk $3.39
1 Publix oats $0.01 (Penny Item)

Total OOP $9.12!


I now have $25.88 left for the week to spend. I plan on a Kroger trip later this week.

Check out Publix Super Savers at Fiddledeedee.

Check out Money Saving Mom to see Super Savings Saturday.


Gina said...

Holy guacamole! You did great!!!

Kroger has some sweet deals this week, too!

You are soooo inspiring!

Wonderwoman said...

That is just unbelievable! I live in what seems like the most expensive part of the country. I read blogs about Krogers and other stores that are just not here in New England. The best we have is Super WalMart and they don't have competition nearby so their prices are still high. I can't seem to spend under $100 for a family of 3...I've tried. Good for you - $35!?

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

I'm a new Publix shopper ( just married and moved to GA ) and I'm LOVING it!! :)
I was able to get some FREE Steamers last week too!