Saturday, June 13, 2009

Grocery/Household Item Budget Update #2

After taking my mother to the doctor yesterday, we stopped by Kroger to pick up 2 gallons of milk and a bag of ice (my ice maker is broken on fridge).

We spent a total of $7.18. We now have $36.82 to last until 6/19--next payday. I expect that paycheck to be low, so I have only allotted $50 for groceries/household out of that check.

I think we should be able to do just fine, since I have an overstuffed pantry and freezer. That is, if I can just lay off the deals!


Kristie Kay's Blog said...

that sucks that the ice machine on your fridge is broken! :( i am marilyn's money way's daughter isn't that cool

LisaSadie said...

I am sorry about your ice maker - been that route too.

From looking at your site and the great blogs you follow, I can tell you must be a savvy shopper and I have every faith that you will stay on budget. Especially with a stocked fridge and panty - that is key.

When you are shopping frugally and with coupons, doing matchups and stacking, I am sure you know you can get quite a bit of groceries. Good luck to you and stop by and say hello at my blog and let me know how you are doing.

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