Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Life to Old Chairs

Hey, it's the husband again!

Some of our lawn chairs have been looking rough over the past few years. I borrowed a pressure washer to clean off the pool deck during the new pool liner project and I decided to wash off our lawn chairs. Faded and grimy, the pressure washing helped but they still looked quite sun-faded.

A couple days later, we found a can of green Krylon Fusion paint during a garage clean-up that we had bought probably a year ago for the purpose of use on these chairs!

Well, I laid out a big tarp in the yard and painted our four chairs. They turned out wonderfully! They look almost brand new!

Not only was this an inexpensive way to restore faded lawn furniture, it was environmentally friendly. Imagine if I decided not to bother with the "hassle" of cleaning them off and repainting them and decided to trash them, then buy new. What a waste!

Okay, well, I'm not helping too much with the "economic recovery" by buying new, but I am keeping big hunks of plastic out of the local landfill!

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