Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Pool Liner!

We've had our pool around nine years and the time has finally come to replace the pool liner. Two of the corners started tearing about two years ago and my husband valiantly tried to patch them up, but by the end of last year, patching was no longer an option. We needed the new liner!

So we saved up over the winter, made plans with Georgia Pool Supply and patiently waited for Spring.

Here is the pool with the old liner and the water nearly completely drained out.

No liner, workers are here smoothing out rough spots on the bottom and replacing the foam insulation on the sides.

The new liner is installed and the pool is ready to be filled!

The pool is almost filled and nearly ready to go. We should be swimming by the weekend!

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Nora said...

it's so pretty. i love the design. now all you need is a salt chlorinator - we LOVE ours. it really cuts down on the maintenance time. probably not on the top of your list if you're wanting to sell though.