Friday, June 12, 2009

Grocery/Household Items Budget Update

I am hoping to keep myself more accountable on how much I am spending at the grocery store, so I am posting every trip I make.

I went to Publix and Walmart yesterday. I was late getting home so I didn't have time to take a picture of my shopping trips. Here is what I got at Publix:

1 loaf Whitewheat bread $2.60

2 pkgs Chex Mix $1.28 ea
... - 2 $0.50 printable Qs doubled
... - 1 $1/2 Target Q (FREE w/overage)

2 pkgs Sandies Cookies $2.00 ea
... - 2 $1/1 printable Qs ($1 ea)

2 Lender's Bagels $0.90 ea

1 Iceberg lettuce $1.49

1 Florida Natural OJ $3.00

3 All Small and Mighty Clear $3.99 ea
... - 3 $1 printable Qs ($2.99 ea) Just in time--I was almost out!

Total OOP at Publix $19.48

We also stopped at Wal-mart to get vanity bulbs for both bathrooms. One of the bathrooms was out of three bulbs, so we couldn't wait any longer!

Total at Wal-mart $14.13.

Total left in grocery/household item budget is approximately $34.00. This will have to last until payday on 6/19.

We really have plenty stockpiled and the garden is about to have green beans and a couple of tomatos are ripening. We should really only have to shop for milk and I may try and get more cheese from Kroger.

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