Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kroger 6/10/09

I had coupons expiring yesterday so I made three stops: Kroger, Publix and Wal-mart. I wanted to take advantage of the Kraft cheese sale at Kroger. My Kroger was almost out of sharp cheddar, so I will probably be stopping at another store this week. I also managed to find a couple of manager special roasts.

Here is the breakdown of the Kroger trip:

1 pkg Nonni Limone Biscotti (Yum!) $3.49
... - $1 MQ ($2.49)

1 Boston Butt pork roast-Manager's Special $2.66

1 Boston Butt pork roast-Manager's Special $2.45

2 Tombstone Pizzas $2.50 ea
... - $1/2 printable Q ($2 ea)

2 20 oz. bottles Mtn Dew Game Fuel $0.79 ea
... - 2 $0.55/1 peelie MQ ($0.24 ea)

1 20 oz regular Mtn Dew $1.49

1 pkg Cinnamon rolls $2.50

9 pkgs Kraft 2% cheese $1.67 ea
... - 11 tearpad MQ $0.50/1 -doubled ($0.67 ea)

2 pkgs. Kraft singles $1.67 ea
... - $1/2 MQ ($1.17 ea)

Total OOP $25.08

I have a total of $68 left to spend for groceries and household items until 6/19.

I am planning a trip to my local farmers market to buy local produce and to Kroger and to Publix to get the new sale items that start today.

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Nora said...

I'm going to kroger this afternoon & will now look for the mountain dew with peelies. thanks (already had cheese on my list - that's a good buy)