Monday, September 1, 2008

Awesome Publix Trip

Publix Super Savers

Super Saving Saturday

Thanks to Sarah at Fiddledeedee, I have discovered that Publix is a great store to find deals. Before reading Sarah's blog, I never went to Publix because they "were too expensive". Here is the awesome deal I got yesterday.

4 loaves Sara Lee Bread free with coupons 8/17 insert
4 bags of Lenders Bagels $0.23 ea after coupons (Toss 4 Cash booklet)
6 jars Mt. Olive pickles $0.10 ea after coupons 8/17 insert
Scott t-paper $1.59 after $1 printable coupon
4 Lawry marinades $0.42 ea after coupons
2 can BD almonds free plus overage after stacking 2 MQ (8/24) & publix Q (summertime booklet)
Publix chips $0.01 after coupon
2 Zantac 150mg 24 ct $1.99 ea after $5 printable coupons

Total retail value $75.82

Total OOP after Qs $10.40 including tax!


For more money saving excitement be sure to visit Publix Super Savers at Fiddledeedee.

Visit moneysavingmom for Super Saving Saturday Saturday to get even more money saving ideas!

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Chris said...

I just noticed the "Fireproof" poster at the bottom of your blog page - can't wait to see it. We loved Facing the Giants and Flywheel. I actually forgot it was coming out this fall. Thanks for the reminder!