Sunday, September 7, 2008

Frugal Star Trek Uniforms

Next Sunday my husband is directing a skit at our church. It is using Star Trek as a metaphor. We are studying Proverbs and the subject next week is initiative. We needed uniforms for three cast members. It is almost impossible to find long sleeve shirts this time of year in Georgia, and when we did, they weren't the right color and cost a fortune. So, I remembered that Walgreens carries t-shirts for $2 each. I thought that I could by an extra one for each shirt needed and fashion long sleeves. When we checked our Walgreens, they had just the right shade of blue (for McCoy and Spock) and gold/yellow (Kirk). I used my serger to make the long sleeves, and with a little heat-n-bond, I attached the gold lame bands and Star Trek chest emblem. Not too bad! One shirt done and two more to go.

I got 6 T-shirts for $2 each and my Walgreens had $3/10 coupons for their grand opening, so I got all six for $9.54. Add $1.50 for the gold lame from JoAnn Fabrics (at 40% off), and I will have 3 uniform shirts for about $12.


Nora & Lily said...

That's awesome!! Can I get one too? :)

gina said...

Very Very Creative!