Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dublin Farm Trip

Dublin Farm Trip

I have been meaning to blog about our trip to my sister and brother-in-law's farm in Dublin, GA. We went to pick up a whole hog that they had gotten for us. We had a fun and relaxing day spending time with family, gathering eggs, looking at their animals and seeing some of their 150+ acres. Here are some of the pictures:
Ann is on the left and my younger sister Carla on the right.

My Mom, niece, and two great-nieces.

Here's my daughter and great-niece.

My daughter LOVED all the animals and was convinced she wanted to live on a farm....later at home when she looked at her shoes she declared she did NOT want to live on a farm!

Carla called all the cows over for us to see. This is a cow named "Spit". The name was very appropriate!

In addition to the freezer full of meat we got (the whole hog), my sister, Ann, loaded us up with produce from her garden. My sister, Carla, gave us 6 dozen eggs from her chickens.

And, here are my sister's two miniature dachshunds, Josie and Rudy.

What a nice day!


Say Go Do Fondation said...

What a beautiful song on your blog!

mike-nora said...

Nice pictures!! Looks like you had a great time. :)

Say Go Do Fondation said...

It was the Who am I by Casting Crowns. It was beautiful!